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      Addition & Alteration

      Here you can find your projects like Interior Design, Maintenance, and Renovation works.

      A&A Works to Existing 3-storey Republic Polytechnic Institute

      New 4-storey extension at Republic Polytechnic to existing Transport Learning Hub At 9 Woodlands Avenue 9.

      Client: Republic Polytechnic       Architect: Red Bean Architect

      Value: S$3,550,000.00       Completion Date: 30/5/2020

      Proposed A&A to Existing 3-storey Conserved Building At Stamford Arts Center

      Conservation of Building with Interior Renovation Works at Stamford Arts Center along No. 155 Waterloo Street.

      Client: National Arts Council       Architect: Multiply Architects Pte Ltd

      Value: S$5,300,000.00       Completion Date: 27/2/2018

      Hort Park Proposed A&A to Existing Building at 394 Alexandra Road

      Restoration of old colonial house that was built in early 20th century. Alexandra Road No.394 which was gazetted as a conservative building by URA was transformed into HortHouse. HortHouse serves as a training center for Nparks Center of Urban Greenery. Extensive landscaping included for a collection of exotic and local cultivars that were specially nurtured.

      Client: National Parks Board

      Architect: Metaphor Design + Architecture Ptd Ltd

      Value: S$2,700,000.00       Completion Date: 30/11/2017

      A&A Works to Existing 6 Units of Conserved Buildings At Seletar Aerospace Park

      Proposed reinstatement of colonial buildings and ancillary infrastructure works to Park Lane, Oval Estate and Hyde Park. Development of a new lifestyle enclave amidst old British "Black White" houses.

      Client: JTC Corporation

      Architect: Design International Architects

      Value: S$13,800,000.00       Completion Date: 21/3/2016

      Proposed Additions & Alterations At Singapore Polytechnic Main Library and Library Annex

      Renovations to Singapore Polytechnic’s Library. Inclusion of youthful colours and innovative interior design theme for a conducive library. Special lighting features and shapes were provided for a futuristic concept.

      Client: Singapore Polytechnic       Architect: Context Architects Pte Ltd

      Value: S$2,940,000.00       Completion Date: 30/4/2021